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Subject: bug#12319: libltdl does not skip bad libs
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I've unfortunately stumbled upon a key difference in behaviour between
dlopen() and lt_dlopen(). When dlopen() encounters a bad library (e.g.
wrong arch), it will just continue on and find another library.
lt_dlopen() however, will stop on the first library which it can read.

This breaks libltdl applications horribly in multi-arch environments.
As LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not arch specific, having a universal one means
having one like:


This works fine with dlopen(), but not with lt_dlopen().

The fix seems simple enough. In find_handle_callback(), change:

	*phandle =3D 0;


	return 0;

Pierre Ossman            OpenSource-based Thin Client Technology
System Developer         Telephone: +46-13-21 46 00
Cendio AB                Web:
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Subject: bug#12319: Acknowledgement (libltdl does not skip bad libs)
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