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Subject: bug#18458: Wrapper binary (.libs/lt-PROG.c) corrupts wide character arguments
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recently I got a bug report in Fedora:
Short summary:  On windows, the 'argv' in main() function is filled
by "preprocessed" content.  When `./wrapper.exe I =E2=99=A5 lt`, the ar=
gv gets
filled by ["./wrapper.exe", "I", "?", "lt"].  Libtool wrapper parses th=
argv[] content and based on this broken arguments it spawns the origina=
binary.  That way, original binary has different arguments and it
complicates testing, for example.

I tried to look at how it is done in the wrapper;  and I believe the
possible fix is non-trivial enough.  We need probably use the
GetcommandLineW and CommandLineToArgvW functions to obtain wide version=
argv.  That way, however, after removing --lt* arguments, you need to
escape the wide argv same way as for non-wide version (and pass it into=

the _wspawnv call, instead of _spawnv).  I am not familiar with windows=

api, so if you see that there is simpler/better solution, please say.

Firstly, I would like to know whether upstream is interested in such fi=
and whether there is somebody interested in patch-review.  Secondly, TB=
I'm not perfect example of guy to do such change (I could give it a try=
thought, through wine the problem seems to be reproducible).  If there =
somebody familiar with windows who wanted to write the patch, I would b=
glad to do the review and testing.

Thanks for ideas!

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From: help-debbugs@HIDDEN (GNU bug Tracking System)
To: Pavel Raiskup <praiskup@HIDDEN>
Subject: bug#18458: Acknowledgement (Wrapper binary (.libs/lt-PROG.c)
 corrupts wide character arguments)
Message-ID: <handler.18458.B.14105103801956.ack <at>>
References: <1895523.UWpBuUkueD@HIDDEN>
X-Gnu-PR-Message: ack 18458
X-Gnu-PR-Package: libtool
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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 08:27:03 +0000

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