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CEDET merge bug

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Package: emacs; Reported by: charles@HIDDEN (Charles A. Roelli); merged with #23792; dated Tue, 17 Oct 2017 18:44:02 UTC; Maintainer for emacs is bug-gnu-emacs@HIDDEN.
Merged 23792 28878. Request was from Noam Postavsky <npostavs@HIDDEN> to control <at> Full text available.

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After some discussions both on- and off-list, starting here:

we'd like to continue the process of merging changes to CEDET into the
Emacs core.  Following is a list of commits made to cedet.git since
the last merge.  I've divided the commits into batches for clarity.
Some of the commits already have equivalents in Emacs (particularly
bugfixes), or they touch files that were not yet added to Emacs, so
they can be skipped (we will mark them as we go through the process).

We'll push a branch based off master when we start.

Batch  22
*  (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)2af698d..: Eric Ludlam 201=
6-09-13 (NS::TestEnum, func_ns_arg): New - test namespace symbols in
* 76ffcdd..: Eric Ludlam 2016-09-13 (unaryexpression): Use namespace-symb=
ol instead of symbol.
* 95aab0c..: Eric Ludlam 2016-08-31 Ignore patches
* d2b1cbd..: Eric Ludlam 2016-08-31 (ede-arduino-Arduino-Version): Update=
 version expression for
* 4a48013..: Eric Ludlam 2016-03-18 (semantic-calculate-scope-for-tag): A=
lso save-excursion in case the internal jump is local and moves point.

* 4b41ea6..: Eric Ludlam 2016-03-13 Patch from Edward Steere (ede--detect=
-ldf-root-predicate): Make sure updir is not nill before trying to detect=
* 42bdcfd..: Eric Ludlam 2016-03-13 Patch from Edward Steere (ede-auto-de=
tect-in-dir): Make sure f is not nil before checking for existence.
* bec4656..: Eric Ludlam 2016-02-16 (ede-arduino-guess-libs): Only scan l=
ibs where #include is at the beginning of the line.
Batch  21
*   0d54d87..: Eric Ludlam 2016-02-16 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.=
|\ =20
| * f6639c6..: Alastair Rankine 2015-11-02 compdb: Improve scanning of Ni=
nja build files
| * 868e3a4..: Alastair Rankine 2015-11-01 compdb: Improve parsing of inc=
lude file paths
| * eef2a9f..: Alastair Rankine 2015-11-01 compdb: Add ability to scan Ni=
nja build files for matching build rules

| * 1be69d7..: Alastair Rankine 2015-11-01 compdb: Document usage of Proj=
ectile library to locate "other" files
Batch  20
* | e82b39a..: Eric Ludlam 2016-02-14 (constexpr, noexcept): New (cvdeclm=
od, metadeclmod, post-fcn-modifiers): Add ocurences of above. (expr-start=
): Allow to be empty. (expression): Delete - simplify to just find unarye=
xpression followed by more. (opt-more-expression): New - has specifics or=
iginally in expression. (unaryexpression): simplified a couple bits aroun=
d lists and unary expressions.
|/ =20
* ee7a97e..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-18 Patch from Dmitry Cherkassov: (semant=
ic-analyze-completion-at-point-function) (semantic-analyze-notc-completio=
n-at-point-function) (semantic-analyze-nolongprefix-completion-at-point-f=
unction): Check that semantic is active before running smart completion c=
Batch  19
*   a3759c1..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-18 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.=
|\ =20
| * cf21fa7..: Alastair Rankine 2015-09-20 compdb: Add expected failure f=
or ninja test case
* | 2d09af2..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-18 (ede-system-include-path): If the u=
ser sketchbook includes some nice libraries, use those too.
* | 0a2d2f9..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-18 (semantic-complete-read-tag-engine)=
: Don't allow buffer switching. (semantic-collector-calculate-completions=
): Protect against cases where the context being completed with isn't a s=
mart completion case.
* | 16bfc8b..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-18 Tests for polymorphism with a coupl=
e examples where we could try to disambiguate.
* | b0b1107..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-18 (semantic-ia-utest-file-list): Add =
commented out poly test. (semantic-ia-utest-buffer): Improve visibility o=
f failed lines.
* | a811bfb..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-18 (isFooLike, A, B, main2): New test =
tweaked from example by Liang Wang
Batch  18
* | e57f459..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-18 (typeformbase): Replace two rules t=
hat could match teh same with one. Replace special namespace-symbol-for-t=
ypeformbase with just namespace-symbol. (namespace-symbol): Force that a =
symbol @ end can never have a template specifier. (opt-namespace-symbol-m=
ore): This must now always be :: namespace-symbol (namespace-symbol-for-t=
ypeformbase): Deleted.
* | 299baa8..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-16 (semantic-utest-C-buffer-contents):=
 Add examples of multiple declmods. Add extern "C" around funp1. (semanti=
c-utest-C-name-contents): Update to match changed code.
* | 04a2174..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-16 (extern-c, c-or-cpp, opt-extern-c-c=
ontents): Optmize out all the extra EXTERN matches.
* | e05abe0..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-16 (declmods): Optimize out 2nd match =
to DECLMOD (varnamelist, opt-varnamelist-more): Optimize out 2nd match fo=
r a variable name into opt-varnamelist-more (namespace-symbol, opt-nmespa=
ce-symbol-more): Optimize out 2nd match for the template specifier.
* | 8dcc7c4..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-16 Update so includes C typedef.
* | 1866314..: Eric Ludlam 2015-10-16 (typesimple): optimize out one rule=
 by making optional subparts. (typdef-symbol-list,typedef-symbol-list-opt=
-comma): Optimize symbol list so only parses typedefname once. (type, typ=
e-namespace): Optimize so only parses 'namespace' word once.
Batch  17
* 26cd107..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-12 (python-mode-hook): Removed.  Obsolet=
ed when semantic-new-buffer-setup-functions was introduced.
* cec6fee..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-12 Remove java-mode-hook - obsoleted whe=
n semantic-new-buffer-setup-functions was introduced.
* 606d9ac..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-09 (ede-emacs-target-texi): New. (ede-fi=
nd-target): Add texi support. (ede-emacs-project::project-compile-project=
) (ede-emacs-target-texi::ede-compile-target) (ede-emacs-target-el::ede-c=
ompile-target) (ede-emacs-target-c::ede-compile-target): New
* a4aeee5..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-09 (ede-calc-fromconfig): Expand the fou=
nd file name. (ede-show-supported-projects): New.
* 4ec99cf..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-09 (Top): ede-minor-mode -> global-ede-m=
ode Add Automake node (Wrapper Projects::Automake, Wrapper Projects::Java=
): New. (Arduino projects): Add code snippet for windows.
Batch  16
* 79277e8..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-09 (Managed Projects): Add a bit of moti=
vation and guidance. (Creating a project): Clean up some of the ede-new d=
iscussion.  Add notation about Name.
* 06c5fb7..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-08 (semantic-default-scheme-setup): Add =
lex syntax modifications for / and @.
* 03ae3d6..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-08 (Editing grammars): Update keybinding=
s for macro-expander and insert keyword to conform to standards.
* 88f14c2..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-08 (semantic-grammar-mode-map): Update k=
eybindings for macro-expander and insert keyword to conform to standards.=
 (semantic--grammar-find-macro-symbol-library): New
* 3a25dfb..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-08 (ede-doc): Add ede-compdb.texi, ede-e=
xtend.texi, ede-texi.
* bd8a8f6..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-08 (Top): Completely revamed doc and men=
u. (Quick Start - wrapper, Wrapper Projects, Root Projects, Generic Proje=
cts): New top level nodes. (Quick Start - from scratch): New top level no=
de. (Managed Projects, Compilation Database projects, Extending EDE): Cop=
ied to included .texi files, and deleted from this file.
* 30fab2e..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-08 EDE Managed project support doc.  Cop=
ied from ede.texi.
* a52e760..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-08 EDE Extension support doc.  Copied fr=
om ede.texi.
Batch  15
* b80c008..: Eric Ludlam 2015-08-08 EDE CompDB support doc.  Copied from =
* 45e9545..: Alastair Rankine 2015-06-13 compdb: add documentation to ede=
* c764683..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-22 (semantic-ia-utest-file-list): Add te=
* 906be27..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-22 New test file for unions.
* 9274959..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-22 (c-mode::semantic-analyze-tag-type-me=
mbers): New override.
* aedbcd1..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-22 (semantic-analyzer-debug-missing-inne=
rtype): Use semantic-analyze-tag-type-members.
* 5f30114..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-22 (semantic-analyze-possible-completion=
s-default): Use semantic-analyze-tag-type-members.
* 417ff02..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-22 (semantic-completable-tags-from-type)=
 (semantic-scope-find): Use `semantic-analyze-tag-type-members' to get me=
mbers of a type tag.
Batch  14
* 6808427..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-22 (semanticdb-typecache-find-method): U=
se `semantic-analyze-tag-type-members'.
* 94ccb6b..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-22 (semantic-analyze-tag-type-members) (=
semantic-analyze-tag-type-members-default): New (semantic-analyze-find-ta=
g-sequence-default) (semantic-analyze-current-context-default): Use above=
* 95ca28b..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-11 (semantic-utest-c-ede): New (semantic=
-utest-c): Add call to below. (semantic-utest-c-with-ede): New test funct=
ion (semantic-utest-c-setup-ede): New.
* 999c86e..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-11 New test files combining macros and E=
* 7451f10..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-11 (semantic-ia-utest-file-list): Add te=
sts/test.texi,, and (semantic-ia-utest-buffer, semantic-=
ia-utest-buffer-refs) (semantic-sr-utest-buffer-refs, semantic-src-utest-=
buffer-refs): When scanning for comments, wrap comment-start-skip to hand=
le modes that have an unbound or in them. Skip back over whitespace from =
in front of found test point comments.
* 1f6343a..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-11 New tests.
* b8b4c0c..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-11 (semantic-analyze-possible-completion=
s): Add support for FLAGS arg.
* be5b630..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-11 (semantic-analyze-possible-completion=
s): Add support for FLAGS arg.
Batch  13
* 7a80dda..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-11 (semantic-analyze-possible-completion=
s): Add support for FLAGS.
* fec7d98..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-07 (srecode/map): Fix eval-after-load na=
me to match new convention.
* d0d7e16..: Eric Ludlam 2015-04-07 Uniquafy names from last example from=
 Martin to include ms_ prefix.
* 6513f47..: Alastair Rankine 2015-04-03 compdb: add project detection te=
* 2985ce0..: Alastair Rankine 2015-03-22 compdb: Minor cleanups, using #'=
 syntax for lambdas, update Makefile
* cab556f..: Alastair Rankine 2015-03-22 compdb: Split build-command into=
 build-exe and compile-args, mainly for when we are invoking ninja in dif=
ferent ways
* 77ff231..: Alastair Rankine 2015-03-16 compdb: Allow ninja executable t=
o be determined/specified at runtime
* 50af3bb..: Eric Ludlam 2015-03-22 (ms_structs, fun): New test example f=
rom Marting Stein.
Batch  12
* bcd826b..: Eric Ludlam 2015-03-22 (semantic-analyze-tag-type): When fir=
st search fails, calc scope from the originating tag, and try again.
* 1a68ab5..: Eric Ludlam 2015-03-22 (semantic-calculate-scope-for-tag): N=
* 62fb6d2..: Eric Ludlam 2015-03-22 Remove references to EIEIO
* e5a3afe..: Eric Ludlam 2015-03-22 (semantic-throw-on-input): Wrap movin=
g pt and accepting process output in `save-excursion' to prevent point fr=
om moving during lexing.
* 8c0ec38..: Eric Ludlam 2015-03-22 (ede-detect-utest-init-dirmatch): For=
ce the dirmatch configdatastash to be unbound to force arduino to flush a=
ny cached values.
* 580415a..: Eric Ludlam 2015-03-22 (ede-project-autoload): convert :from=
config to a lambda expression.
* 66b4305..: Eric Ludlam 2015-03-22 (ede-calc-fromconfig): New fcn, can c=
onvert string or a function to a string.
* f983d6a..: Alastair Rankine 2015-03-12 compdb: minor tweaks and test up=
Batch  11
* ad787fe..: Alastair Rankine 2015-03-08 Add expected failures when requi=
red compdb-utest executables are not available
* 9c663db..: Alastair Rankine 2015-03-08 Add cl-lib fallback library for =
emacs < 24.3
* 20fbcde..: Alastair Rankine 2015-03-08 Add compdb EDE project
* 57a0ec6..: Eric Ludlam 2015-03-01 (semantic-c-reconstitute-token): Do n=
ot strip a fcnpoint * off the name of an operator.
* 496501b..: David Engster 2015-02-18 semantic: Use with-current-buffer i=
nstead of save-excursion+set-buffer
* 87f8e15..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-16 (srecode-macro-help): Replace eieio--=
class-children call with eieio-class-children.
* a638b4b..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-16 (semanticd/find): New require
* edf1e6a..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-16 (ede/shell): New rquire (semanticdb-f=
ile-table-object, semanticdb-needs-refresh-p, semanticdb-refresh-table): =
Declare these functions.
Batch  10
* 910023a..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-16 (ede-global-list-sanity-check): Moved=
 from ede.el to here.
* 41dad3d..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-16 (ede-directory-project-cons): Declare=
 this fcn in the header. (ede-global-list-sanity-check): Delete (moved to=
* 00dae7c..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-16 (wisent-parse): The semantic action m=
ight be an EXPAND, EXPANDFULL or some similar action calling the parser r=
ecursively. If the last token of the recursively called parsing step fail=
ed to match it ends up in wisent-lookahead, and function wisent-parse-str=
eam pushs it back onto wisent-lex-istream. From there on it simply ends u=
p occuring twice on the unmatched-syntax-cache, or worse might even lead =
to parse errors in rare cases. Patch from Martin Stein
* 312cc98..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-16 (semantic-ia-complete-symbol): Protec=
t against a nil prefix. (semantic-ia-complete-symbol-menu): If bounds are=
 empty (no prefix), don't delete region.
* 2909576..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-16 (ede-enable-generic-projects): Change=
 :name of each autoloader to prefix with "Generic" to avoid conflicts wit=
h other types of projects that might have the same name.
* a735bee..: David Engster 2015-02-15 ede/auto: Fix incomplete patch
* 588860a..: David Engster 2015-02-15 tests: Fix typo in ede/detect-utest
* 73242a5..: David Engster 2015-02-15 ede/auto: Do not use `eieio-object-=
Batch  9
* 90857cf..: David Engster 2015-02-15 cedet-build: Adapt to move of eieio=
 into subdirectory
* 715ffdb..: David Engster 2015-02-15 Move fallback libraries to subdirec=
* 1ad5b9b..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-15 (semantic-ctxt-current-argument-defau=
lt): Add comment about a bug in arg indexing.
* 03e2e1a..: Eric Ludlam 2015-02-15 (semanticdb-elisp-sym->tag): When get=
ting slots for a class tag, get them from sym, not semanticdb-project-dat=
abase (fix typo). When getting the slots, support older and newer version=
s of eieio.
* f8feae6..: David Engster 2015-02-13 semantic/idle: make-obsolete-variab=
le compatibility fix
* 0c8c249..: David Engster 2015-02-13 cedet-compat: Do not shadow locate-=
* 2844b43..: David Engster 2015-02-13 cedet-build: Use EIEIO fallback if =
* 8aa9203..: David Engster 2015-01-31 eieio: Move to obsolete and use the=
 one that ships with Emacs
Batch  8
* 6b8584f..: David Engster 2015-02-04 Makefile: Move touching of makefile=
s before clean-autoloads
* 91b4599..: David Engster 2015-02-04 Makefile: Touch makefiles before ge=
nerating autoloads
* d48fcb1..: Eric Ludlam 2015-01-26 (c-mode::semantic-idle-summary-curren=
t-symbol-info): The macro symbol value might be a string, so support that=
* c874307..: Eric Ludlam 2015-01-26 (cedet-utest-test-alist): Add ede-det=
* a68fa4d..: Eric Ludlam 2015-01-26 (ede-detect-utest-linux-extra-project=
-entries): New extra test options. (ede-detet-utest): Add FLAG input.  Ac=
cept 'linux option. (ede-detect-linux-utest): New. (ede-detect-utest-loop=
): Add FLAG input.  Accept a 'linux flag.
* 4aaa217..: Eric Ludlam 2015-01-26 (ede-linux--get-build-directory): Use=
 variable `project-linux-build-directory-default' of option options not a=
* ff08daa..: Eric Ludlam 2015-01-26 (data-debug-insert-tag-list): Use `da=
ta-debug-insert-thing' instead of custom thing that had trouble with the =
read only buffer.
* 557784f..: Eric Ludlam 2015-01-26 (ede-proj-target-makefile:rules, ede-=
proj-target-makefile:inference-rules): Set type to ede-makefile-rule-list=
Batch  7
* d0ba859..: David Engster 2015-01-25 semantic/bovine/c: Add support for =
typedef references
* 79c3270..: David Engster 2015-01-25 Tests: Add ERT test for the C Bovin=
* 6b6fd62..: David Engster 2015-01-25 semantic/bovine/c: Apply enum-type =
to all members
* 1f69aff..: David Engster 2015-01-24 Semantic: Do not add enum-type for =
every type
* b31eda6..: Ramkumar Ramachandra 2015-01-21 semantic/bovine/c: Parse C++=
11 strongly typed enum
* 6a5701d..: Joris Steyn 2015-01-16 Make semanticdb-default-find-index-cl=
ass buffer-local
* 265fa65..: Ramkumar Ramachandra 2015-01-17 semantic/bovine/c: Parse C++=
 override/final correctly
* 81a9aba..: Ramkumar Ramachandra 2015-01-11 gitignore: Ignore all backup=
Batch  6
* b5cd376..: Ramkumar Ramachandra 2015-01-06 tests/Makefile: fix LOADPATH=
 to the extent possible
* f310c9e..: Alastair Rankine 2015-01-08 Convert .bzrignore -> .gitignore
* d31cdaf..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-08-23 PHP: Implement namespaced names=
* 7443138..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-08-23 PHP: Declare "\" as a punctuati=
* 8890d90..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-08-23 PHP: Declare "\" as a type sepa=
* c0c8dab..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-08-23 PHP: Set member protection to p=
ublic by default
* b8913ea..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-08-20 PHP: Parse interface constant d=
* e80aaaf..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-08-20 PHP: Made class constants tags =
be public
Batch  5
* e298565..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-08-19 PHP: Fix consta=
nt declaration tag
* 3dc9578..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-08-17 PHP: Remove injection of argume=
nts in local variables
* 7c1492e..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-08-14 PHP: Start impl=
ementing "static" and "self"
* a4ef0b9..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-08-13 PHP: Improve at=
tributes completion
* a7171f5..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-08-13 PHP: Fix const =
attribute tag creation
* d798e69..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-08-13 PHP: Fix alias =
tag creation
* 956ec75..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-08-08 PHP: Move alias=
 merging code outside of grammar
* 46202f0..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-08-08 PHP: Split expa=
nd function
Batch  4
* e9b51bd..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-08-06 PHP: Implement =
multiple aliases in one USE
* fa25182..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-08-02 PHP: Improve support of class f=
ields and constants declaration
* bde7419..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-08-01 Add support for=
 optionnal type on arguments
* 5d69bbb..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-07-23 PHP: Basic support for use stat=
* 9823989..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-07-23 PHP: Implement basic namespace =
support using TYPE-TAG
* 318d628..: steven.remot@HIDDEN 2014-07-22 Support use of =
namespaced identifiers
* 325c6d4..: Steven R=C3=A9mot 2014-07-19 PHP: Support for top-file "name=
space" directive
* 306b13d..: David Engster 2014-12-29 Replace bzr with git in INSTALL and=
Batch  3
* 302ddb6..: David Engster 2014-12-29 Replace USING_CEDET_FROM_BZR with G=
* ab907db..: Eric Ludlam 2014-12-02 (eieio-describe-class): Fix doc strin=
* e06d92f..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (Af): Add a friend of C w/out the CLA=
SS token. (C): New. (scA, scB, scC, scD): New test classes. (main): New (=
scA::PublicMethod, scB::b_pub_method, scC::c_pub_method) (scD::d_pub_meth=
od): New.
* 126c2e0..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (classsubparts): Add a FRIEND for a c=
lass that doesn't specify the token CLASS. Add SEMICOLON to end of friend=
* 6a2b044..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (ede-proj-makefile-insert-variables):=
 Request the grammar name come from the file name, not the %package token=
* 32d5915..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (semantic-grammar-package): Add optio=
nal 'fromfile' option. This indicates we want to make a filename from the=
 originating file name.
Batch  2
*   5b720bf..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 Merge from trunk
|\ =20
| * 06c2b85..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 Fix previous checkin msg: (semantic=
-analyze-scoped-tags-default): Add "enum" as pulling contents into parent=
 scope similar to namespace.
| * 4684aa3..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (semantic-analyze-debug-assist): Ad=
d autoload cookie.
* | b1bcdcf..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (semantic-ia-utest-file-list): add =
* | 415f944..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 Tests for completiong symbols in wi=
sent grammars.
* | 5249e29..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (wisent-python-default-setup): Add =
syntax mod for . as punctuation.
* | 58c4e48..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (semantic-type-relation-separator-c=
haracter): New, and empty.
* | 4a297f2..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (semantic-grammar-create-package): =
Get the setupfcn and mode before switching to other buffers. Don't specia=
l eval defvar, we generate defconst now. Be more aggressive reparsing ope=
n buffers of the mode being updated. (semantic-grammar-mode-map): Don't b=
ind M-TAB (semantic-grammar-menu): Use completion-at-point instead of gra=
mmar version. (semantic-grammar-mode): Remove type relation character. (s=
emantic-grammar-complete): Delete. (semantic-ctxt-current-class-list): Al=
so support 'token' class. (semantic-analyze-possible-completions): Suppor=
t the optional FLAGS that are passed in for other languages. Reverse the =
found prefix.
* | 3a2b292..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (semantic-ctxt-current-symbol-defau=
lt): Allow the type relation separator to be empty for languages that don=
't have symbol sequences, such as grammars and Lisp.
* | 5b004b3..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-26 (semantic-analyze-show): Protect ag=
ainst unbound error slot.
Batch  1
* 8d58f6f..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-25 (ede-android-project-data): Make robu=
st to more whitespace around the specification of :name.
* 940af1c..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-24 (NS2::Myclass, MyClassHandle, dixon):=
 New test w/ a typedef that has keyword "class" included, instead of omit=
ted as with other tests.
* 19cebe7..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-24 (semantic-format-tag-canonical-name):=
 Add part for a type with :parent. Merge parent names together. (semantic=
-c-dereference-typedef): If type is tag, use cononical name.
* b4c9855..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-24 (semanticdb-enable-gnu-global-in-buff=
er): Don't try if file doesn't exist.
* 04f4244..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-24 (semanticdb-enable-cscope-in-buffer):=
 Don't try if file doesn't exist.
* f36f29b..: Eric Ludlam 2014-11-22 (ede-project-with-config-java): Add :=
classpath slot. This was missed when copying from generic.el.

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