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new snapshot available: gzip-1.8.40-9dff

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Package: gzip; Reported by: Jim Meyering <jim@HIDDEN>; dated Fri, 10 Nov 2017 04:55:01 UTC; Maintainer for gzip is bug-gzip@HIDDEN.

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From: Jim Meyering <jim@HIDDEN>
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Subject: new snapshot available: gzip-1.8.40-9dff
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Here's another pre-release snapshot.
Please give it a whirl and report the results.
Thanks again for all the feedback on the last one.

The sole change to NEWS is this revamped paragraph:

  When converting from system-dependent time_t format to the 32-bit
  unsigned MTIME format used in gzip files, if a timestamp does not
  fit gzip now substitutes zero instead of the timestamp's low-order
  32 bits, as per Internet RFC 1952.  When converting from MTIME to
  time_t format, if a timestamp does not fit gzip now warns and
  substitutes the nearest in-range value instead of crashing or
  silently substituting an implementation-defined value (typically,
  the timestamp's low-order bits).  This affects timestamps before
  1970 and after 2106, and timestamps after 2038 on platforms with
  32-bit signed time_t.  [bug present since the beginning]

gzip snapshot:      744 KB

Changes in gzip since 1.8.32-4606:

Jim Meyering (6):
      gzip: fix bug with any upper case custom ('-S'-specified) suffix
      gnulib: update to latest; also update tests/ from gnulib
      tests/unpack-valid: port to printf that do not grok hex
      tests: unpack-invalid: correct and clean up a test
      maint: use noreturn, not ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN
      gnulib: update to latest

Paul Eggert (3):
      maint: remove IMPORT_FROM_GETTEXT
      misc: diagnose year-2038 configuration problems
      gzip: diagnose out-of-range MTIME

Changes in gnulib since 1.8.32-4606:

* gnulib b86cc86...7f2c4e9 (82):
  > autoupdate
  > havelib: fix typo in previous change
  > Don=E2=80=99t use AC_EGREP_CPP if affected by CFLAGS
  > fstatat: pacify GCC on unusual platform
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > timespec: prefer =E2=80=98assume=E2=80=99 to =E2=80=98assure=E2=80=99
  > Port recent gnulib-tool change to Dash
  > timespec.h: use "assure" to avoid a spurious warning
  > Avoid several test failures with traditional locales on Haiku.
  > strerror_r-posix: Fix behaviour and test failure on Haiku.
  > get-rusage-data: Avoid crash on Haiku.
  > get-rusage-as: Avoid crash on Haiku.
  > ilogbl: Ensure replacement on Haiku.
  > expl: Ensure replacement on Haiku.
  > math: Fix test failure on Haiku.
  > gnulib-tool: Avoid unnecessary remaking in testdirs.
  > gnulib-tool: Avoid unnecessary remaking in testdirs.
  > crypto/*: Verify that the header file is self-contained.
  > crypto/gc: fix build failure with -Werror=3Dsuggest-attribute=3Dconst
  > New module: crypto/gc-sm3
  > random, random_r: Mention different prototypes on Haiku.
  > posix_spawn: Avoid spurious message in configure output.
  > inet_ntop, inet_pton: Determine needed library correctly on Haiku.
  > ioctl: Override non-POSIX declaration on Haiku.
  > crypto/sm3: Add overview documentation to the .h file.
  > New module: crypto/sm3
  > gc-libgcrypt: fix undefined enum type in switch statement
  > gc-libgcrypt: fix assignment error due to -Werror=3Dpointer-sign
  > havelib: Fix value of LD for 32-bit compilation on NetBSD/sparc64.
  > glob: fix another heap buffer overflow
  > quotearg: pacify compiler re unsigned
  > glob: fix heap buffer overflow
  > glob: pacify fuzzer for mempcpy
  > autoupdate
  > doc: Fix syntax error (regression from 2017-10-03).
  > doc: Update for Solaris 11.3.
  > all: Write "Solaris 11.0" instead of "Solaris 11 2011-11".
  > doc: Improve doc about ioctl.
  > wcwidth: Don't use obsolete syntax of 'test'.
  > getopt-posix: Fix build failure when using ac_cv_header_getopt_h=3Dno.
  > vma-iter: Fix typo in last commit.
  > vma-iter: Fix typo in last commit.
  > vma-iter: Improve support for FreeBSD.
  > vma-iter: Fix truncated result on NetBSD (regression from 2017-10-07).
  > tests: fix 'invalid path dir' error
  > vma-iter: Fix truncated result on Linux (regression from 2017-09-26).
  > vma-iter: Improve support for GNU/Hurd.
  > test-framework-sh: Don't require bash on Windows and OS/2.
  > wcwidth: check a macro version of wcwidth () as well
  > getopt-posix: Clarify copyright header.
  > Fix warning "`gl_HOST_CPU_C_ABI' was expanded before it was required".
  > doc: warn about misuse of strncpy and wcsncpy.
  > fsuage: fix typo in previous change
  > fsusage: remove SVR2 support
  > Simplify autoupdate of licenses
  > autoupdate
  > vma-iter: Add support for GNU/Hurd.
  > vma-iter: Make it work on 32-bit Solaris with module 'largefile'.
  > havelib: Make it work for CC=3D"gcc -m32" (regression from 2017-02-19).
  > uniname/uniname: Don't assume C99 compiler (regression from 2015-02-16).
  > string: code style
  > uniname/uniname-tests: Tighten code.
  > vma-iter: Improvements for Linux and BSD platforms.
  > vma-iter: Provide the protection flags on FreeBSD.
  > glob: remove bogus extern decl
  > uniname/uniname-tests: integer overflow fix
  > duplocale-tests: fix unlikely crash
  > maint: fix overflow checking in nap.h
  > sys_types: update URL
  > parse-datetime: fix dependency
  > parse-datetime, posixtm: avoid uninit access
  > vma-iter: Improvements for BSD platforms.
  > autoupdate
  > strfmon_l: New module.
  > monetary: New module.
  > duplocale tests: Fix test crash on Linux/x86.
  > autoupdate
  > mktime: port to OpenVMS
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate

Acknowledgement sent to Jim Meyering <jim@HIDDEN>:
New bug report received and forwarded. Copy sent to bug-gzip@HIDDEN. Full text available.
Report forwarded to bug-gzip@HIDDEN:
bug#29240; Package gzip. Full text available.
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