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Boy they really blew it when they invented -c,
   (info "(grep) General Output Control")

       Suppress normal output; instead print a count of matching lines fo=
       each input file.  With the =E2=80=98-v=E2=80=99 (=E2=80=98--invert=
-match=E2=80=99) option, count
       non-matching lines.  (=E2=80=98-c=E2=80=99 is specified by POSIX.)

Who in the world ever wants to know about the zero match counts (:0)? ;-)
OK, well then add some extra switch for the rest of us... or at least the=
page should mention how the pros filter them out.

time find * -name \*.html | xargs grep -l staticmap | xargs grep -c stati=
cmap | head -n 3

real	0m0.015s
user	0m0.013s
sys	0m0.002s

time find * -name \*.html | xargs grep -c staticmap | grep -v :0$   | hea=
d -n 3

real	0m0.017s
user	0m0.011s
sys	0m0.004s

(#1 is a big waste, but the real time is randomly a little shorter, as
it takes larger inputs so really see the difference.)

Anyway I've never ever wanted the :0s.

Wait! Maybe "-cl" or "-lc" will give us what we want!
Alas, they are just equivalent to "-l".
(As I suppose that fact is not documented, perhaps it could be given a
new (non-backwardly compatible, alas) definition...)

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Subject: bug#35337: Acknowledgement (Document the recommended way to get
 the :0s out of -c output)
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