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I benchmarked Chez Scheme vs. Guile. Guile is 3 to 5 times slower
than Chez.  I attribute that mostly to C Foreign Function Interface.

The application will parse a text file (n-turtle format) and store
in an embedded database (wiredtiger).  Most the CPU time should be
spent during parsing [0], then packing scheme objects into
bytevectors [1] and at last C FFI.



The chez code is in wip-chez branch.

The Guile FFI code of that particular application can be improved.

Still, I read on IRC that there is some interests to improve C FFI,
that is why I fill this issue to be able to keep track of it.

One step forward, would be to have C FFI benchmarks that are easy
to run with Chez, Guile, and Gambit.

Anyone up for the task?

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