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hidden derivation build with inferiors

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Package: guix; Severity: important; Reported by: Julien Lepiller <julien@HIDDEN>; dated Thu, 25 Jun 2020 23:48:02 UTC; Maintainer for guix is bug-guix@HIDDEN.
Severity set to 'important' from 'normal' Request was from Ludovic Courtès <ludo@HIDDEN> to control <at> Full text available.

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From: Julien Lepiller <julien@HIDDEN>
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Subject: hidden derivation build with inferiors
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someone (kernel-help) on IRC today was having issues using an inferior
kernel with their os configuration and reported that guix was
"hanging". It turns out that guix was actually building the kernel in
the background, but did not report anything to the user. kernel-help
was kind enough to share their config, and I can confirm that guix is
building the kernel, but doesn't tell anything.

I was able to track this done to a call to operating-system-derivation,
which is supposed to return the path to a .drv file. I did not expect
it to have to build anything, since it's only computing a derivation

Using the attached operating system declaration, defining it as "os",
you can see that calling ((operating-system-derivation os)
(open-connection)) "hangs" with no message, and a build user is
building the kernel (unless you already have the kernel built).

Note that the build process continues even if you interrupt that
procedure, and only stops after you exit guix repl entirely.

Going one step further, operating-system-derivation calls fold-services
(which is fine), then service-value (which is also fine) and calls that
value with the store, which builds the kernel without saying anything.
That value comes from the root service type, system-service-type and its
system-derivation procedure.

With some pk, I was able to find that mapm/accumulate-builds was the
culprit, but I don't know how to investigate further.

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(use-modules (gnu)
	     (guix channels)
	     (srfi srfi-1)
	     (guix inferior)
	     (gnu packages linux)
	     (srfi srfi-1)
	     (ice-9 match)
	     (guix packages)
	     (gnu packages gnome))
(use-service-modules desktop networking ssh xorg)

(define kernel-inferior-channel
  ;; This is the old revision from which
  ;; we will obtain our desired kernel version.
  (list (channel
         (name 'guix)
         (url "")

(define linux-libre-4.19-inferior
    (inferior-for-channels kernel-inferior-channel)
    "linux-libre" "4.19.129")))

(define-public gnome-minimal
  (package (inherit gnome)
	   (name "gnome-minimal")
	    (remove (match-lambda
		      ((name _)
		       (member name '("baobab"
		    (package-propagated-inputs gnome)))))
 (locale "en_US.utf8")
 (kernel linux-libre-4.19-inferior)
 (timezone "America/Chicago")
 (keyboard-layout (keyboard-layout "us"))
 (host-name "t430")
 (users (cons* (user-account
		(name "brettg")
		(comment "Redacted")
		(group "users")
		(home-directory "/home/redacted")
		 '("wheel" "netdev" "audio" "video")))
   (list (specification->package "nss-certs"))
   (list (service gnome-desktop-service-type
		   (inherit config)
		   (gnome gnome-minimal)))
	 (service openssh-service-type)
	   (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout))))
   (bootloader grub-efi-bootloader)
   (target "/boot/efi")
   (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout)))
 (swap-devices (list "/dev/sda2"))
  (cons* (file-system
	  (mount-point "/boot/efi")
	  (device (uuid "0721-45AE" 'fat32))
	  (type "vfat"))
	  (mount-point "/")
	   (uuid "ce05e959-56a7-4520-ad73-556c82861537"
	  (type "ext4"))


Acknowledgement sent to Julien Lepiller <julien@HIDDEN>:
New bug report received and forwarded. Copy sent to bug-guix@HIDDEN. Full text available.
Report forwarded to bug-guix@HIDDEN:
bug#42053; Package guix. Full text available.
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