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Subject: bug#50026: Specify a pull-request in --with-branch package transformations
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A nice feature would be to be able to use a pull-request as branch to
specify in the `--with-branch` transformation option.

A use-case is to use a pull-request coming from a private fork, thus we
can't use the combination `--with-git-url=3D with-branch=3D`.

As an example, if I follow
I should be able to do something like:


guix build chameleon --with-branch=3Dchameleon=3Dmerge-requests/262/head


(with 262 being the pull-request I'm interested in) However, this fails:


guix build: erreur : impossible de r=C3=A9cup=C3=A9rer la branche =C2=AB
merge-requests/262/head =C2=BB depuis : cannot locate
remote-tracking branch 'origin/merge-requests/262/head'

While commands stated in the documentation work well:


git clone && cd chameleon

git fetch origin merge-requests/262/head:mr-262

git checkout mr-262


I guess the fetch step is lacking in the way Guix handles the
`--with-branch` transformation.

FYI, Ansible is able to do things like that (see
by combining options `refspec` and `version`.

I'm aware a workaround is to download the patch corresponding to the
pull-request and using `--with-patch`, however handling it directly with
`--with-branch` would be more handy !



PhD Student
TADaaM team, Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest

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Subject: bug#50026: Acknowledgement (Specify a pull-request in
 --with-branch package transformations)
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