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In GNU Guix we are using GNU Parted via Guile-Parted bindings. Upgrading
from Parted 3.4 to Parted 3.5 we discovered a possible regression.

We are creation a new partition on a gpt disk this way:

ped_partition_new (ext4)
ped_partition_set_flag (PED_PARTITION_BIOS_GRUB)
ped_partition_set_system (ext4)

Since 15c49ec04f7eaff014d2e1eddd0aecf4150db63d, ped_partition_set_system
forces the gpt_part_data->type to PARTITION_LINUX_DATA_GUID, whereas it
used to conserve the gpt_part_data->type to PARTITION_BIOS_GRUB_GUID.

This forces us to reverse the ped_partition_set_system and
ped_partition_set_flag call order. Is that expected?



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