Packages Using This Bug Tracker

The following projects (known as "packages" in this context) use this tracker.

GNU software:

Project Bug mailing list Specific help Browse reports Statistics
Adns adns-discuss Adns Adns reports Adns statistics
AUCTeX bug-auctex Overview of AUCTeX AUCTeX reports AUCTeX statistics
Automake bug-automake Reporting automake bugs Automake reports Automake statistics
Automake patches automake-patches Automake Automake patches reports Automake patches statistics
Coreutils bug-coreutils How to report a bug in Coreutils Coreutils reports Coreutils statistics
Cppi bug-cppi Reporting Cppi bugs Cppi reports Cppi statistics
DejaGnu bug-dejagnu Reporting DejaGnu bugs DejaGnu reports DejaGnu statistics
Diffutils bug-diffutils Reporting diffutils bugs Diffutils reports Diffutils statistics
Emacs bug-gnu-emacs How to report a bug in Emacs Emacs reports Emacs statistics
Emacs Ada-mode ada-mode-users Ada-mode bugs Ada-Mode reports Ada-mode statistics
Emacs Org-mode org-mode Org-mode contribute Org-Mode reports Org-mode statistics
GNU Anubis bug-anubis Reporting GNU Anubis bugs GNU Anubis reports GNU Anubis statistics
GNU FM bug-librefm Reporting GNU FM bugs GNU FM reports GNU FM statistics
GNUzilla bug-gnuzilla Reporting GNUzilla bugs GNUzilla reports GNUzilla statistics
Grep bug-grep Reporting grep bugs Grep reports Grep statistics
Guile bug-guile Reporting guile bugs Guile reports Guile statistics
Guix bug-guix Guix Guix reports Guix statistics
Guix patches guix-patches Guix Guix patches reports Guix patches statistics
Gzip bug-gzip Reporting gzip bugs Gzip reports Gzip statistics
Hyperbole bug-hyperbole Hyperbole mailing lists Hyperbole reports Hyperbole statistics
Idutils bug-idutils Reporting idutils bugs Idutils reports Idutils statistics
Libtool bug-libtool Reporting libtool bugs Libtool reports Libtool statistics
Mumi bug-mumi Mumi Mumi reports Mumi statistics
Parted bug-parted Reporting parted bugs Parted reports Parted statistics
Sed bug-sed Reporting sed bugs Sed reports Sed statistics
vc-dwim bug-vc-dwim vc-dwim vc-dwim reports vc-dwim statistics

Savannah hosted non-GNU software:

Project Bug mailing list Specific help Browse reports Statistics
Skribilo skribilo-bugs Skribilo Skribilo reports Skribilo statistics
Woodchuck woodchuck-bugs Reporting Woodchuck bugs Woodchuck reports Woodchuck statistics

Finally, here is the list of bugs related to this tracker itself - debbugs reports, together with the associated statistics. In case of a problem, see how to report a bug in this tracker, or ask on the help-debbugs mailing list.

If you are the maintainer of a GNU (or Savannah-hosted non-GNU) package and are interested in using this tracker, see these notes.

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